Secret hind the beauty industry you should know about

The Secret Behind Shampoos

The real cause of your hair concerns

You shampoo your hair into a satisfying lather then rinse. But to your dismay, you look down and see a clump of your hair in the shower drain. What went wrong?

Shampoo and detergent are sisters

Many shampoos and conditioners on the market contain sulfates like SLS and SLES, colorants, ethyl p-hydroxybenzate, oxybenzone, sorbic acid, and other harmful chemicals. The same chemicals are found in detergent, which makes shampooing equivalent to dishwashing without rubber gloves. Is that a scream of horror we hear? As awareness spreads of the health risks of shampoo, consumers are responding with smart solutions. But their efforts are undermined by various shampoos that tout being “natural” when they’re really not.

The beauty of natural shampoos

A natural shampoo doesn’t foam very well or smell as wonderful; it even makes your hair feel stiff on the first few washes. But the reason so many consumers choose this “ugly duckling” of shampoos is because they see the swan within, the pure beauty of its ingredients. 100% natural shampoo doesn’t lather profusely. But according to Dr. Wittern of Beiersdorf in Germany, there is no relation between suds and how well a shampoo cleans; the suds only indicate the presence of chemical surfactants. So, less foam is one sign of a surfactant-free shampoo. At first you may find it uncomfortable and frustrating to use natural shampoos. But keep using them and they’ll wash away your worries about hair roots and put a smile on your face.

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