Secret behind the beauty industry you should know about

The Secret Behind Color Cosmetics

Colors born from petroleum

Red today, pink tomorrow. On the dressing table, makeup is queen. Men may not know the difference between each shade, but we ladies do, don’t we? Where do these colors come from anyway?

Coal Tar dye: The glamorous rebirth of peetroleum

Cosmetic ingredients labelled “Red # __,” “Blue # __,” or “Yellow # __” (the stuff coloring our lips, eye area, and cheeks) are coal-tar dyes. They’re made from benzene, naphthalene, or other chemicals found in tar, a by-product of petroleum. But some of the 56 coal-tar dyes allowed in cosmetics are banned for food use. What if a lip product, which you apply several times a day and eat a fair amount of, contained additives banned in food? The safety of coal-tar dyes is continuously questioned around the world. They can increase the risk of hepatotoxicity, thrombocytopenia, asthma, and even cancer. Many studies worldwide suggest that they can lead to various diseases when significant amounts build up.

Natural Makeup?

Making color cosmetics only out of natural ingredients is a difficult task. But not an impossible one. We’ve searched far and wide for gorgeous natural colorants that can replace coal-tar dyes, and after years of research and struggle, we’ve succeeded in developing a colorful array of natural makeup. Pretty plants that make you smile, the sweet earth, and the natural colors born out of them. Wouldn’t you say that makes a beautiful birth story?

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