isoi's mission

Unlike many other brands that use only one or two natural ingredients and still promote their products as natural and organic, isoi promises to deliver trustworthy skincare products with carefully selected natural ingredients, following these four:

  • No Chemical

    isoi never uses potentially harmful ingredients in our products.

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  • Premium Quality

    isoi's largest portion of production costs come from sourcing premium-grade raw materials.

  • Hypoallergenic

    isoi is also conscious about individuals with sensitive and irritated skin.

  • Deliver Best

    isoi's top priority is to enhance the skin's natural abilities to restore and strengthen.

Certification & Trusted Partners

isoi's quality and technology are recognized around the world:

  • The First EWG Verified member company in Korea

    The EWG verified mark is offered only to safe cosmetic products that have earned a green grade of Skin Deep and met all the ingredient criteria of the U.S. FDA, EU, Health Canada and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

  • Passed Dermatest Clinical Trial Process in Germany

    All isoi's products have gained Original Dermatest "Excellent" rating for their non-irritating quality, measured by the rigorous criteria of the World Allergy Organization.

  • isoi Cosmetics Supplied to Whole Foods Market, Organic Grocery Store

    isoi cosmetics have been approved to be environmental-friendly and effective by their successful launch in Whole Foods Market, which is well known for its strict product selection standards.

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  • greenalley, the official U.S. distributor

    isoi partnered with greenalley, U.S. distributor and authorized seller specializes in selecting clean skincare products. We work together to make isoi expand into more regions around U.S.

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