Where can I purchase original isoi products?

Whole Foods Market

General Whole Foods Market locations, please refer to the Location pages. For any specific products mix inquiries, please email greenalleyshop@gmail.com

Green Alley

Green Alley is the official U.S. distributor of clean K-beauty brands. Green Alley has set its own standards to ensure delivery of quality products that are natural and cruelty-free. Currently, Green Alley is a vendor for Whole Foods Market in Northeast, Midwest and Florida regions.

The only way to ensure isoi products is to purchase through authorized distributor. We cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of products purchased through anyother offline platforms.


isoi products are guaranteed the quality or authenticity by certified/authorized sellers only. To ensure your isoi products are authentic, please purchase through an authorized sellers. Please check certified sellers and expiration dates!

General Inquiries

If skincare products don't contain preservatives, does natural skincare products have shorter shelf lives?

isoi uses a refined extract from a plant called scutellaria baicalensis instead of chemical preservatives. Scutellaria baicalensis is a type of flowering plant that can be used to naturally preserve the product’s quality up to three years from the manufacturing date with seal. Once the seal is removed, we recommend using the product within three to six months.

Does the natural skincare products are defective if there is separation in the formula?

isoi products do not contain chemical emulsifiers or synthetic surfactants. Therefore, there is a chance that water and oil can separate over time. This can be easily resolved by shaking the product before use.

Does the natural skincare products do not spread evenly on the skin?

Some ingredients used to enhance the products’ ability to spread are non-biodegradable,which can trigger allergies. Using our natural ingredients and unique blending techniques,we are continuing to develop products that will deliver better results than other products containing synthetic chemicals for even application on the skin.

Can I use multiple promotion codes on a single order?

Only one promotional code can be applied per single order. Promotional codes cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes on the same order.