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Bulgarian Rose Oil

Premium Quality Ingredients: Bulgarian Rose Oil

Bulgaria is one of the largest producers of rose oil in the world, alongside Turkey, Chile, and Morocoo. Damask Roses from a valley in Kazanlak in Bulgaria is one of the largest producers of the highest quality rose. Our of many varieties of roses, the Damask rose is especially rare and valuable.

Our Bulgarian Rose Oil is:

Certified by the Bulgarian Government

Extracted only from the first and the freshest batchof roses

Hand-picked during the early hours of dawn in May and June when the roese are the freshest and most fragrant

Bulgarian government-certified Prime Grade Rose Oil, 1ml extracted from 3,000 bunches

Just as there is a top-rated area for each raw material, roses from Bulgaria are regarded as the best and are graded depending on extraction order and methods.

Oil regarded as the best is the Bulgarian government-certified superior quality product of picking only tender rose petals and squeezing first. It's extracted only 1ml from 3,000 rose petals.

Benefits of Bulgarian Rose Oil:

Contains rich vitamins that brightens complexion (Large amount of Vitamin A, C)

Giving the skin vitality and delaying aging

Excellent skin softening function

Quickly soothes sensitive skin (Suitable for all skin types such as trouble skin)

Helps skin regenerate

Relieves stress and anxiety (Aromatherapy)

Penetration strongly enough to be called nano presents, Synergy effect in prodiving active ingredients

Universal solution for women's concerns

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